The chocolate Park

The chocolate Park was built in the Chinese capital, next to the main stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Here you can see chocolate “terracotta warriors” in full size, that is, 1.8 meters in height, “porcelain” vases of the Ming dynasty, made again from pure chocolate, and other attractions all from the same material.
Of course, visitors can not only admire the sweet exhibits but also try them (this is not Simferopol!). There will be five pavilions in the Park, where the chocolate Great wall of China and Shanshui — style paintings of mountains and water are supposed to be put on public display. And the mountains and the waters, as you might guess, will also be chocolate.
From 10 to 20 thousand people a day, mostly children, will be able to visit chocolate Park. Chocolate companies in Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy have already shown considerable interest in the Chinese idea.

Chocolatl with greetings from Mexico

You need to take Ingredients:

– Bitter chocolate (but not more than 70%)
– Milk
– Vanilla or cinnamon


Proportions according to your taste and appetite 😉

Melt the chocolate in a high bowl, add the milk, spices and hold over the fire. When the mass boils for the third time, remove it from the heat and beat with a broom. Before serving, if desired, sprinkle with grated bitter chocolate. And on your way!

The recipe is old and very tasty. Now, however, in South America, it is not so much chocolate that is popular as boiled condensed milk. You can buy it in any supermarket, with a choice of more than 30 different jars.

Books say that Montezuma-Chocolatl is a favorite drink of the Aztecs. The red chief, it was written, could drink about 50 jugs of Chocolatl a day. If someone falls for a drink and follows his example, be sure to report the sensations. Preparing a Chocolatl is outrageously simple, the special charm of the drink is given by vanilla and cinnamon. But choose one thing!

Types of analgesic medications

The researchers found that the consumption of chocolate, as well as drinking water, can act as an analgesic. So, scientists have concluded that the consumption of chocolate eases pain from muscle pain to burns. At the same time, scientists warn against the uncontrolled consumption of sweets, since the other negative effects of this product have not yet been canceled.
At the University of Chicago, neuroscientists have found that chocolate consumption contributes to the production of natural pain-relieving enzymes in animals and humans that affect the brain and can significantly muffle the sensation of pain. In the case of animals, the situation was even more paradoxical: animals experiencing pain began to use chocolate even if they do not have this product in their normal diet.
According to neurologists, the effect of sweet in this case is not manifested in blunting the work of pain receptors, but the brain that receives signals from them.

Hungarian cake

You need to take Ingredients:

8 chilled eggs, 150 grams of powdered sugar
– 200 grams of almonds, 1 tablespoon of crackers
– 120 grams of sugar, 100 grams of chocolate
– 1 tablespoon of flour, 400 grams of hot milk
– 150 grams of softened butter, lemon juice


Separate the whites from the yolks. Grate the chocolate. Whisk the whites into a lush, thick mass, and add a few drops of lemon juice to the end of whipping. Gradually introduce powdered sugar. Add the crushed almonds and ground crackers to the beaten mass, stirring from top to bottom. Divide the resulting protein-nut dough into 3 parts and bake 3 cakes of the same size at a temperature of 110-120C.
For the cream, RUB the yolks with sugar until white and, without ceasing to RUB, enter the grated chocolate and flour. Add milk. Put on a low heat and, stirring constantly, boil the mixture until thick, then remove and cool. Separately, beat the oil and gradually, in small portions, pour the prepared mixture into it, stirring well. Ready-made cream to layer the cakes. Decoration – your choice – strict chocolate glaze or the same cream and walnut dusting.
The cake is there and its name is Stephania. I think the delicious young lady is one of the daughters of the famous Esterhazy 🙂
Yes, and from yourself: almonds can be replaced with any other nuts-choose to taste. I once added cream instead of milk (not whipped), it turned out to be no less delicious, but there are undoubtedly more calories.

11-kilogram gold bar

On October 10, 2009, the authorities of St. Petersburg auctioned an 11-kilogram gold bar. It was a gift to the city for the tercentenary. 11 kilograms of gold of the highest grade. The city donated a gift from the Republic of Adygea for the three-century anniversary of Tsarskoye Selo. Between the round dates, the price of bullion increased three times.
And at the end of the auction, the new owner of the bullion literally tried gold to the teeth. After all, the ingot in the box was not real. The Bank did not dare to take the gold to the auction hall. The new owner of the precious slot, posing in front of the cameras, smashed it on his head, tasted it and treated all the guests.

Honey cake with chocolate fudge

You need to take Ingredients:

– 600 grams of flour,
– 50 grams of honey, 3 yolks
– 200 grams of sugar
– 120 grams of butter and walnuts
– 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

For fudge:

– 150 grams of sugar,
– ½ Cup of water
– 20 grams of butter,
– 50 grams of melted chocolate
– 3 grams of vanilla sugar


Add the cinnamon to the honey and warm it over the fire. In the sifted flour, laid out on the table with a slide, make a recess and pour in the honey mixture. Slightly to prevent it. Add sugar, yolks, chopped nuts. Knead the dough for 20 minutes.

Roll out the dough about 1 cm thick, cut out small cakes with molds. Grease them with protein and bake for 10 minutes.

For Fudge, pour hot water over the sugar, put it on the fire and bring the mixture to a boil. Then add chocolate or cocoa. Cook the mixture for a few minutes. When the mass becomes thick, remove from the heat, add the oil and vanilla. Gently mix.

Baked cakes grease the bottom of chocolate fondant and glue on two things.

Ps. If the dough is too steep, you can add a little warm milk.

Chocolate Museum in Simferopol

The chocolate museum “History of chocolate from chocolate” is located in Simferopol, in the cafe Salon du chocolate. This is the only museum on the territory of Crimea. The history of chocolate is clearly shown here, in exhibits from this delicacy. All items of the exhibition are made manually, in a single copy.

The Museum was opened recently, in 2009, by Simferopol pastry masters. It supports the optimal temperature for storing chocolate +18…+22 degrees. The exhibits you really want to “try on a tooth”. But you can not do this, as well as touch chocolate masterpieces with your hands.

The creators of the Museum say that all known types of chocolate were used to create the Museum’s collection. The exhibits are made using a variety of techniques of confectionery art-modeling, casting, tempering, molding, and others. In total, it took more than a ton of elite chocolate to create the exhibits. During the tour, visitors are told about the history of chocolate, about the production of their favorite treats from cocoa beans to finished tiles. At the entrance, visitors will see a composition dedicated to the Mayan Indians. After all, they came up with the idea of cooking a fragrant drink from cocoa beans. Here, visitors will see a portrait of Christopher Columbus.

This great traveler discovered the invention of Indians all over the world. All the exhibits of the Museum are connected with the history of chocolate in one way or another. There is a portrait of kinder surprise inventor William Salice. Or the crown of Catherine II, who was very fond of this delicacy.

The Museum’s assortment is constantly being updated. The Museum is constantly running thematic exhibitions. For the New year, the hall is decorated with an elegant Christmas tree. Made of chocolate, of course. For Valentine’s Day, a chocolate installation “Parisian streets” is being exhibited. By the way, this composition was highly appreciated by European master chocolatiers. Confectioners used mathematicians to calculate the proportions of the Eiffel tower.
Another unique component of the Museum that children will especially like is the house of gnomes. Miniature furniture-chairs, tables, cots, and lockers are made of chocolate. Adults will be interested to see the Monomakh hat made of chocolate. Also in the Museum, you can see the leaning tower of white chocolate, chocolate musical instruments.

The wizard turned his attention to the Crimean sights. A swallow’s nest on a chocolate rock surrounded by a chocolate landscape looks very impressive! Another interesting exhibit is a scene from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It took about 200 kilograms of chocolate to make the girl’s chocolate figure.
Chocolate paintings are a special pride of the Museum. Chocolate artists work in different styles.

There are also graphic sketches and real paintings. Artists prepare thematic works for each season. For the new year’s holidays, these are snow-covered landscapes and funny holiday pictures. For Easter holidays, of course, chocolate eggs and Easter greetings. In the summer the artists are preparing a Vernissage of the Crimean landscapes. The picture can be ordered individually, for example, according to your photo.
Visitors may wonder why the exhibits are colored. To give color to their masterpieces, the masters use natural food dyes.

Therefore, all the exhibits are not only edible but also very tasty.
As a souvenir, you can buy chocolate figurines and paintings in the Museum. The Museum’s Souvenirs are very original. For example, you can take a bouquet of chocolate roses or a chocolate box with chocolate jewelry.

After the tour, you will be pleased to visit the cafe in the Salon du Chocolat Museum. The selection of various desserts, chocolates, and figurines is as impressive as the Museum’s exhibits. In the cafe, sweets can finally be tasted over a Cup of coffee or maybe hot chocolate.


Excursions in the chocolate Museum are held from 10 to 18 hours. The ticket price is 200 rubles. And the ticket to the Museum is also made of chocolate! Children under 6 years of age can visit the Museum for free, but without providing a chocolate ticket. There is a discount for students. The Museum is visited with a guide. It will take about half an hour to inspect the exhibition and take a photo for memory.

Group tours are available by appointment. The Museum is quite popular, but it is small in size. Therefore, it is better to arrange an organized visit in advance.
The chocolate museum is located at 66 Kirova street.