Types of analgesic medications

The researchers found that the consumption of chocolate, as well as drinking water, can act as an analgesic. So, scientists have concluded that the consumption of chocolate eases pain from muscle pain to burns. At the same time, scientists warn against the uncontrolled consumption of sweets, since the other negative effects of this product have not yet been canceled.
At the University of Chicago, neuroscientists have found that chocolate consumption contributes to the production of natural pain-relieving enzymes in animals and humans that affect the brain and can significantly muffle the sensation of pain. In the case of animals, the situation was even more paradoxical: animals experiencing pain began to use chocolate even if they do not have this product in their normal diet.
According to neurologists, the effect of sweet in this case is not manifested in blunting the work of pain receptors, but the brain that receives signals from them.

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