Persimmon & Chocolate.

In recent years, my favorite persimmon has radically changed its image. Undoubtedly, this fact added to her popular love. If I now buy persimmons, the first thing chocolate varieties. They are on sale before anyone else, they do not have an astringent taste. Perfectly crunched in salads – as in dessert, and for lunch-with salmon or chicken. To think about how we used to live without chocolate persimmons?

And then there is a logical question-where did the orange miracle come from? Here’s a whole basket of questions. Many sources claim that chocolate persimmon is the famous “kinglet”. As a child, I was fed “king” – it was big and very beautiful. My mother bought and immediately froze the fruit. Otherwise, most often, the pleasure was spoiled by the astringent taste. Of course, there were exceptions, but for reinsurance “kings” cooled. What does Wikipedia say about chocolate persimmons? Absolutely nothing! My guess: the name “chocolate persimmon” folk, not associated with professional terminology. Perhaps I’m wrong.
And still, this same fruit with dark pulp (and after all not always!) is called the Chocolate pudding. And they say that his homeland is Central America. You can find trees with chocolate persimmon from Mexico to Guatemala. However, it looks more like a pot-bellied tomato – first dark green, and then, when ripe, brownish-red. It seems to me that Chocolate pudding has long reached our stores, although it is somewhat more expensive than its sisters with the usual forms, and again chocolate taste.
Anyway, for fresh desserts, chocolate persimmon is a godsend! Ice cream, whiskey whipped cream, cakes, cocktails will be welcome. Even prescriptions for to lend there is no sense, better play with fantasy. However, these desserts do not need to add the chocolate itself-otherwise the dish will be over-sweetened. And to be honest, the best treat is chocolate persimmon itself. Still hard and juicy, or finally ripe with creamy flesh.

If you know something interesting about the appearance of our chocolate persimmon-share the information!

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