Excellence Lindt dark chocolate

“One of the oldest chocolate companies in Switzerland, Lindt. Its founder Rudolf Lindt (1855-1909) revolutionized the confectionery business – he invented and began using the machine for conching. It allowed you to RUB the cocoa fragments so finely that with the addition of cocoa butter, it became possible to get the same melting chocolate bar in your mouth.”

…Now, in simple human language, Oh, Lindor balls-the poetry of milk chocolate! Say that they are too popular, and that, most importantly, they melt in your mouth, directing your thoughts in a positive direction. Chocolates-appear and dairy, and berry and fruit with raspberries and pears. But it’s all tenderness, tiramisu and creme brulee…

Bitter chocolate EXCELLENCE Lindt-jokes aside. The cocoa percentage from 45% to 99%. The fillings are excellent: chili or chili with papaya, orange and … premium French salt. To quote the taster’s impressions:” the idea of salted chocolate is not new, I’m a fan of this combination. The recipe of EXCELLENCE Lindt Sea salt is unique – no one but them has yet decided to leave the salt and chocolate alone. Here only bitter chocolate and light sea salt. The salty aroma is unmistakable in the long aftertaste. Excellent combination!”.


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